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Ms. Neha Tiwari

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Ms. Neha Tiwari


Ms. Neha Tiwari has completed B.Sc. [Biology]; MA [Hindi]; B. Ed, who introduces concepts into curriculum related to life and subjective skills, while thoroughly enjoying working and encouraging creative expression. She is committed to maintaining high standards of education with emphasis on developing readings skills in each student. She is enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate students. She also strive to build student self-esteem and creates a cooperative community in the classroom; model for students the importance of mutual respect and collaboration among all students. She acts as a counsellor with collaborative skills to build solid relationships with students and parents. She organizes and anchors various activities under the Hindi Sathiya Sangh-शब्द शिल्पी सहित्य संघ। She also trains students to read beyond the curriculum.  

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